Wealth Advisory Process

We operate as your personal family office, team with outside advisors and provide the outstanding resources needed to achieve your objectives.

We develop a thorough understanding of your values to translate your ideals into articulated plans with efficient execution.

Our continuous wealth advisory process centers on your priorities and develops an integrated customized program to effectively achieve your goals, manage and simplify your financial life. Your plan incorporates four dynamic and ongoing strategies that involve:


Confidential interviews develop understanding of circumstances
Goals, strategies, plan & investment policy development
Custom plan delivery, action plan, strategies & resources executed
Ongoing monitoring, evaluation, review to ensure dynamic, continuous client involvement

Investment Management Philosophy

Synergist Wealth Advisors seeks to identify opportunities for long-term growth while controlling risk using asset allocation & portfolio diversification.

Our investment process begins with development of an agreed upon risk tolerance profile, tailored investment policy document and asset allocation strategy.

Portfolios are diversified across both asset classes and money managers as appropriate. Assets are held at institutional brokerages or banks depending on client preference. We never take custody of client assets.

Accounts are reviewed on a consistent basis to optimize asset mix and performance against benchmarks and peers.

Portfolios are customized to client

  • Tax Considerations
  • General Financial Goals
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Specific Investment Goals


Custom Portfolios Employ

  • Active Portfolio Management
  • Passive Strategies
  • Real Return Considerations
  • Tax Managed Strategies